Financial report for the General Meeting at the Special Needs Parents Association on Saturday 5th October, 2013.


Looking back at our Finances, to when SNPA originally opened their bank account in August 2010, we had an opening balance of €100.00. After the first year on October 2011 the bank balance totalled €3,167.00.  In October 2012 the balance stood at €3,905.00.  Here today on 6th October 2013 the present SNPA bank balance stands at €4,370.28.

Our outlays this year to date were as follows :
Set up fee for the Mail dropping service €326.00.

Insurance  €542.76.

New website €693.

Committee room hire €187.00.

Administrative expenses €875.00.

Printing of leaflets, posters, business cards etc €1,449.00.

Funding in for this year is as follows :

We were again supported by the participants of the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon. We also have a constant cash flow in from IDonate. We had the Yolo Dance night in conjunction with the launch of the new website which raised €695.00. The An Phoist postal scheme, whereby we receive two cheques during the year, around January and July, brings in approximately  €500.00. The last cheque received from them was in July this year amounted to  €542.76.

SNPA wishes to thank all those who kindly supported us and donated to us throughout the last year.  Click here for more detailed breakdown of accounts SNPA Audited Statement of Accounts 2012-2013 **

Susan Sheehy


** Accounts were originally reported from March-March of the financial year. Following a resolution passed at the AGM on 6th October 2013, future accounts will now follow the calender year.