Who Cares for the Carers? ‘Care of Self’ Initiative for National Carers Week

With National Carers Week upon us I thought it was about time that carers themselves took a minute to stop and think about how well they care for themselves. As a carer for 2 autistic teenagers myself, I don’t want to imagine what life would be like for my kids if I wasn’t there for them. They rely on me for every aspect of their self-care and personal grooming, to make sure they are eating right and getting enough exercise and sleep.

But who is looking after me?

As they say in the aircraft safety demonstrations, “If you are traveling with a child or someone who requires assistance, secure your mask on first, and then assist the other person”

I’m delighted to share that my local nail and beauty salon are offering a “Care of the Self” 2 for 1 package to encourage carers to come in with a good friend and enjoy an hour’s pampering of their hands and feet. Anna Schu herself says “In all the busy-ness of your daily routine, caring for others, you may be the ones who needs some TLC”
The deal is for the month of June, but you need to book in and travel to the salon in Bray, County Wicklow  on (01) 2828422

So what about the carers in the rest of Ireland?

Can we put a call out to all the potentially “pampering’ businesses to consider the valuable family carers in their community and come up with an offer to reward their hard work?

It could be a free muffin with a cappuccino, a wash and blow or even as Anna has offered a “Classic Pedicure incl a hot foot soak in our LA pedi spas, a foot scrub & exfoliation, cuticle work, massage and a mini-manicure”

Who knows, this could be the next “suspended coffee” for encouraging carers and the people in their community to value the incredible work they do, so they can keep doing it.
Wicklow Parent Liaison and Chairperson of the Special Needs Parents Association Lorraine Dempsey, who supports the initiative said “ ‘Care of Self’ is such a great initiative for businesses to come on-board with. The benefits of incentivising people who spend their time caring for others, to spend some time looking after themselves in the company of friends can re-energise people, relationships, businesses and even a whole community. I am always the last person to be looked after because as a carer, I put everyone else’s needs ahead of myself. Well it’s time to think of and take care of the carers, but we need to actively take care of ourselves too”.
 If you run a business and are interested in getting involved, please call Lisa Domican on
Lisa Domican, co-creator of Grace App and full-time carer is living in Wicklow with her family and came up with the ‘Care of Self’ Initiative which the Special Needs Parents Association is happy to support.