March Update: Successful campaigning by Our New Ears has led to an agreement with the HSE to roll out plans that should see bilateral implantation rolled out in 2014. Read more


A group of parents have come together under the campaign name Our New Ears to lobby the HSE to provide bilateral cochlear implants to improve the quality of life for their children. They calling on all parents to support a campaign for Bilateral Cochlear Implants in Ireland by signing their Petition. Unlike other countries, Ireland does not follow best practice and does not offer two implants to children. They are asking parents to come together as one to support this campaign so that they a stronger voice together for all deaf children.

If you are the parent of a deaf child who has a cochlear implant and believe it is time we joined the rest of Europe in offering two implants as standard, please join the campaign.

For more information Phone: 0851613443 or email:

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