July Provision


July provision is a scheme available to children with autistic spectrum disorders and severe to profound learning disabilities. The scheme operates in two ways, home based provision and school based provision.

Where July provision operates in schools, the school will inform you of details of the scheme and dates each year. Home based July provision is provided for children where the school does not operate a scheme or where the child is of pre-school age in which case, parents must apply annually to the Department of Education for funding (SeeĀ Department of Education Guidelines on payment).

Parents must engage their own tutors/teachers in the case of Home Based July Provision and ensure that the application form is completed. Application forms are available a few months before July each year.

  • If you engaged a teacher who is or has been paid on the primary payroll of this Department in 2012, then you don’t have to worry about making any payment to your teacher. All payments due to the teacher will be paid directly by the Department to the teacher. All you have to do is to complete the claim form, sign it and submit it to the Department. You are not to pay the teacher from your own funds, as this Department will not refund any payment you make to your teacher.
  • If you engage a post-primary teacher or a teacher who has not been paid by this Department on the primary payroll in 2012, then the grant money will issue directly to your bank account.

Important Update February 2013

The Department of Education & Skills is pleased to announce that the July Education Programme will operate from 1st to the 26th July 2013 for both home based and school based programmes. – Application forms are now available for the 2013 scheme. Click Here

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