Special School

There are over 140 special schools catering for particular types of disability and special needs. There are different types of special schools for students who have a general learning disability at a mild or moderate level; schools for visually impaired and hearing impaired students; a few schools for students with physical disabilities; a small number of special schools for students who are emotionally disturbed and only one newly established Community Special School.

Some children may start off in a mainstream school with supports, but it may become evident that they require more specialist educational interventions or that they may have significant medical and/or care needs that require nursing or more support than is available in a mainstream school.

Children may also move from a special school setting to mainstream schooling as they get older, depending on their individual needs and progress and this can be reviewed on a continual basis.

Children must meet the enrollment criteria for individual special schools, have a place sanctioned by the Local SENO and may qualify for Special Transport to and from school.

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The Future Role of Special Schools in Ireland




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