Specific Speech & Language Classes

“Specific Speech Language Impairment (SSLI) is a term currently used to describe children whose skill in understanding and/or expressing themselves through speech and language is significantly impaired. These difficulties occur in the context of normal cognitive abilities and are not primarily attributable to social, emotional, behavioural, educational, physical or sensory difficulties”.
( IASLT 2007)

Specific Speech and Language Impairment is also referred to Specific Speech and Language Disorder (SSLD)

Special classes for pupils with SSLD are attached to mainstream primary schools. A full-time teacher is assigned to each class and classes operate with a reduced pupil-teacher ratio of 7:1. The Health Service Executive (HSE) provides Speech & Language Therapy to children in the class.

The Department of Education has specific Criteria for Enrolment in Special Classes for Pupils with Specific Speech and Language Disorder in a SSLD Class.

When choosing a school for your child, you may find that there is no special class in your area. Children who meet the criteria for enrollment to a SSLD Class, may also qualify for Special transport. If there is not sufficient demand for a school to apply to the Department to set up a class, your child will receive extra supports through the NCSE or General Allocation Model in their local school.

For more detailed information on Specific Speech and Language Impairment and SSLD Classes and supports see ssli.ie

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