Disability Allowance

Disability Allowance is a weekly payment that you may get if you have an injury, disease or physical or mental disability that is expected to last for at least one year, and you are aged 16 to 65. To get the payment, you must satisfy a means test and be habitually resident in Ireland. You may also need to attend a medical examination.

The age of qualification for disability Allowance is currently under review by the Advisory Group on Tax and Social Welfare following proposals to increase the age of applicants to 18 years. However, in the meantime 16 years remains the age at which an individual can apply.

We would recommend that you apply at least six months in advance of the 16th birthday due to a backlog in the Department of Social Protection. The applicant will be required to have a bank/credit union/post office account in their name as payment is not made to the parents at any point in time.

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